29 March 2009

Save Our Earth!!!

In the early morning, while everybody still enjoying their dreams on the bed, i had woke up to attend the recycling campaign.Although we have to go and collect the recycle materials unit by unit but this is really a fun and enjoyable experience. During the earth hour yesterday, did everyone aware something from that? or just blame the school or government who cut off your electricity.Everything come too easy until the public do not know how to appreciate all the things you have in your life.Therefore,in the progress of development, every people should hold on their step and look at the environment which surrounding you. You can notice that the number of tree are decreased, the water in the river is not clean anymore and even the human are become weaker. Therefore,everyone should do their part to the environment although is only just a small contribution.

27 March 2009

5 posting-Concordance

Concordance is a useful software which can help the individuals to identify, organize and analyze the electronic text such as e-mail and e-document. It is effective to manage numerous types of documents. This kind of text analysis is suitable and helpful for the individuals who study the texts closely and analyze the language in depth. As a result, it can bring a lot of benefits to the learner and teachers on the language learning.

According to my exploration of this software, I found out concordance actually can bring lot of advantages on the language learning. It can use to analyze the word frequencies and the keywords of a text. The higher frequencies of word let the readers easier to identify the topic of a text. Besides analyzing keywords can make the readers have a clearer image on the whole idea of a text. Both of them can increase the understanding and awareness of the reader to a text. Concordance also can use to compare the different usages of the same word. For example, the word “walk” in a text may use as a noun or verb in another sentence. Sometimes the language learners also use the concordance to find and analyze the phrases or idioms in a text. They will study the rules of the language by looking into the phrases or idioms which used in the text. This method is really constructive for the learners who are in tertiary level. Lastly, the language learners also can use concordance to find the translations of sub sentential elements. It can increase the awareness of the learners on the language structure and function. To sum up, concordance is really functional to the language learners.

Apart from that, concordance also plays an important role to the language teachers. Teachers can use the concordance to find some examples for the students. The examples should show the features of vocabulary, typical collocations and structures of the sentences. This active learning will cause the students easily absorb the knowledge and they would not feel that learning language is a boring or difficult task anymore. The teachers also can use the concordance to increase the storage of vocabulary for the students. The teachers can discover new words and explain to them the usage of the words through the concordance. This activity is relying on the level of the students on the language. At the same time, teachers can work out the rules of grammar by searching for the key words. Then the teachers can build up the discussion groups among the students and encourage them to ask question through their observation. Lastly the teachers can generate some exercise to the students so that they have chance to point out their problems and opinion.

In conclusion, as we can see, concordance is really helpful to the language learner and also language teachers. Therefore both of them should work and learn from it.

URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concordance_(publishing)

22 March 2009

4 posting-About Conference

E-Learning and M-Learning

The individuals who born in 1946-1964 are call baby boomers of technology and the individuals who born in 1965-1980 are named as generation X. According to the survey, generation X are more use to technology than the baby boomers. This is because the learning which use for the generation nowadays is more depends on digital technology. Comparing with the ways of learning for the previous time which involved a lot of reading and writing, E-learning is more fast and convenient.

From Handbook of Emerging Technologies for language, we can obtain many sources of information through the Internet. Due to the greatest collection of information online, students have to make coherent with the information they found. This can cultivate the students to have critical thinking which is very important on their academic. Moreover, the visual aid such as video which use in learning has became a vision for students today. This method can leave a clearer image to a student while learning.

For example, twitter and facebook have engaged the young generation about what is happening in the world. Today’s students has named as Generation Y. According to the statistics, 97% of them own a computer, 94% of them own a cell phone and 76% of them use Instant Messaging. This can reflect how the digital world can influence the life of generation Y. Therefore the learning system has transformed from push to pull which involve their contribution and participation.

As a result, some of the politicians have used this method to build up the relationship with the public. For instance, Obama use the social networking such as blog and websites to post his plan and view on the topics. The politician in Malaysia such as Dr Mahathir also creates a blog to show his concern and passion to the country.

Reducing Writing Apprehension through Blogging Activities

Writing apprehension is a negative attitudes and perceptions on writing. Someone who has writing apprehension may feel anxiety, fear and worry while writing. They scare will receive bad comments from other. Symptoms of writing apprehension are scared to write, hands cramp, mental blocking problems and produce shorter essay.

In fact, there are some factors which lead to this problem. Firstly is proficiency of language level. The lower proficiency of language will cause the higher of writing apprehension. This is because the writer may feel humble and not confident while writing because of their low proficiency of language level. Second is culture-face savings. The students will avoid from the teachers because they scare receive the comments from them. Apart from that, examination is also one of the factors. Examination which always emphasize on the academic learning can cause the students feel tension and stress. Lastly, lack of models can cause the students do not have any idea or concept on writing.

Thus how can we say blogging can help the students in writing? Face-saving of blogging which do not reveal the personality of someone can make the writer feel more comfortable and confident while writing. This method can increase the involvement for the passive students. Besides, huge audience online such as friends and other blogger can boost up the confidence and motivational of writer which can improve their writing performance. Through blogging, students will be centered. Brainstorming and peer review activities also will be promoted.

In conclusion, teachers play an important role to guide the students into the right track and help them to solve the writing apprehension.

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17 March 2009

KVC UO 09 ^^

There are some of the pictures from the Carnival Varia-C of college Ungku Omar. For example, the colouring contest of kinder garden children, eat contest and drink contest. Then, the last picture was the drink for the contestant who entered for the final round. So terrible,right? Indeed, I really enjoyed the activities in this carnival and looking forward for the next year.

About Word Processor


1. Correct spelling and grammar errors.
*It can improve the grammar and vocabulary of writer in writing.
2. Calculate the words.
*It saves the time and energy of writer.
3. Replace the word which keeps repeated with thesaurus function.
*It can improve the vocabulary of writer and would not let the readers feel bored when reading passage or article.
4. Change the font, colour and size of words.
*It makes the article or passage become more creative to attract the attention of reader.
5. Insert pictures, graph and chart in the article.
*Article or passage will become more interesting and more informatics.

1. Lost writer’s own identity.
*Everyone have different writing style or handwriting. Word processor has let the reader difficult to identify the characteristic of writer.
2. Lack of idea.
*The idea can be stuck while typing.
3. Requires saving.
*All the information will save in the memory of computer as a soft copy. Therefore the writer requires keep saving to prevent data lost.

13 March 2009

3 posting-About search engine

Search engine is a program that can search for Web sites, Web pages, images, videos, news, and other information. A search engine is particularly helpful in locating specific Web pages about certain topics or in locating files into specific categories. In this posting, I will discuss four examples of search engine which are mamma.com, google scholar, eric digest and yahoo.com. There are some similarities and differences between these search engines.

One of the similarities is all the results of searching are in electronic text form. The four examples I given above have to access to the Internet before get the information. This is the result of the development of the technology. Besides, the individuals require identify the main idea or concept of the topic. This is because there are enormous of Web pages in the network so the main idea should be indentified to save the time and energy.

Apart from that, the individuals have to determine any synonyms, alternate spellings, or variant word forms for the topic about the information they want to seek in the search text. This technique is to ensure the efficiency of the search engines by crafting a keyword that limits the search. Thereby the individuals can gain the information or description about the topic they desire. Lastly, all the search engines above use a program called spider which can build and maintain lists of words found on the Web sites. Therefore we can use the information which stored in the memory next time.

Yet, in fact, there are some differences between the four search engines.

Firstly, the information in mamma.com, google scholar and eric digest is more on academic. These three Web pages are plays an important and useful role in the education field. Students or teachers can make useful on the information provided online to ensure the learning or teaching process become more interesting and active. But yahoo.com is a portal Web site that offers a variety of Internet services from a single and convenient location. It does not only specify on the academic information but also on news, sports, weather, web publishing and reference tools.

Then, for the yahoo.com and mamma.com, they classified Web pages in an organized set of categories such as images, video, jobs, news and so on. This can make the searching task become more easy and efficient. Besides, classification will create a neatly look for the Web pages. But for the google scholar and eric digest, the Web pages only provide the search text. Some of the searcher do not have any idea for their searching then this method will cause them face some difficulty while seeking the information. Comparing with the yahoo.com and mamma.com, the method they used can help the beginner to use the search engines.

In conclusion, everyone should make useful on the search engines to enjoy the beneficial and advantages for the online searching.

08 March 2009

2 posting-How blogging can assist language learners?

In this technology era, blogging has become a popular interaction way for anyone no matter the individual is student, businessman or even though the politician. Due to this great influence, some of the schools and universities have applied this method as one of the teaching way in educational field. According to the investigation, it has been proven that blogging is one of a good way to improve and enhance the writing skill of an individual.

Through the blogging, the students can improve their language such as grammar, vocabulary and writing skills in an active way. In fact, comparing with the homework in the school, the students will be more proactive to update their blog. This is because other blogger and friends can post comments after their reading. Then the students have to analyze the advices from other and think about a constructive way to improve their writing skill. As a result, this can cultivate the students to be more critical in thinking. Besides, two way of interaction can create more ideas for someone rather than one way interaction. So, blogging definitely is a good way for learning on writing.

At the same time, blogging can enhance the writing skill for someone. But how does the blogging works? In fact, there are numerous focus topics on blog. For example, economy, news, politic and global issue which let someone can be more alert to their surroundings. Through the reading on blogs, someone can gain a lot of general knowledge on many aspects. As a consequence, this can upgrade someone’s writing skill become more standard. Besides, the writing can become more informative because there are a lot of facts and information inside the article. To sum up, blogging is an effective way to obtain the information at the same time make someone’s writing become more interesting.

I enjoy reading the blogs from bart-cat-travel.blogspot.com. Bart is an individual who likes travel. I was enjoyed reading his blog because there are a lot of pictures about his trip in Latin America. Apart from that, he also shares his experiences on different places which i found is the most interesting part. This is because i can know better to the culture of certain place. In his blog, he even analyze the crisis of the economy which can improve my general knowledge instead. Thus i think this is really an interesting blog that everyone should pay a visit.


03 March 2009

1 posting-Online Reading

Do starfish have faces?

Starfish are not fish. They are properly known as sea stars, and are classified as Echinodermata (spiny skinned), the same phylum of invertebrates as sea cucumbers and urchins.

It's hard to have a face when you don't have a head. Sea stars, like all echinoderms, are radially symmetrical with a top side, but no front and back. They have five - or more - arms and absolutely no notion of forwards or backwards.

Sea stars have a groove running along the bottom of each arm that contains hundreds of tiny "tube feet". These not only enable sea stars to move, but are also equipped with suction cups, which allow them to grip surfaces with some of the tube feet and propel themselves forward with others. Each arm contains a single tube foot that is longer than the other feet and does not have a suction cup. When a sea star moves, this special tube is able to sense chemicals in the water.

Sea stars have no eyes, noses, ears or heads, but they do have mouths, usually located right in the centre of the bottom of the sea star. They feast on oysters, clams, mussels, coral, fish and other animals that live near the floor of the sea. While it takes some skill for us to pry open an oyster, sea stars have mastered their technique; they wrap their arms around the oyster and use their tube feet to pry apart the oyster shell. Once there is the slightest crack in the shell, the sea star extends its jellylike stomach out of its mouth and inserts the stomach inside the shell of the oyster. The digestive juices of the stomach move into the crack of the shell while the inside-out stomach of the sea star digests its prey.

There are 5 types of online reading which are reading for pleasure, reading for information, reading for task completion, reading for instruction and incidental reading. This article was took from the Reader's Digest magazine. Through my understanding, i conclude that this article is reading for pleasure. This is because the content in this article is all about the facts of life on starfish. Everyone can read this article at everywhere for the purpose of entertainment. This article provides the general knowledge about the starfish therefore the readers can enjoy their reading if they were interested on this topic.Apart from that, comparing with the text of reading for instruction and task completion, the structure that used in the text of reading for pleasure is more simple and easy to understand. In addition, the language which used in the text of reading for information is more complicated if compare with the text of reading for pleasure. This is because the language in the text of reading for information normally involved a lot of grammar and vocabulary which are difficult to understand.

URL: http://www.readersdigest.com.my/rd/rdhtml/en/magazine/mag_fullcontent.jsp?cid=6772

Pesta Ponggal

Hi,everyone!I am so excited to write for my first posting. Here are the pictures which we took during the college activity - Pesta Ponggal. Although the main purpose to create this blog is to upload my works for the evaluation but hopefully my course mates and lectures can be active for giving comments in my blog. ^^