17 March 2009

About Word Processor


1. Correct spelling and grammar errors.
*It can improve the grammar and vocabulary of writer in writing.
2. Calculate the words.
*It saves the time and energy of writer.
3. Replace the word which keeps repeated with thesaurus function.
*It can improve the vocabulary of writer and would not let the readers feel bored when reading passage or article.
4. Change the font, colour and size of words.
*It makes the article or passage become more creative to attract the attention of reader.
5. Insert pictures, graph and chart in the article.
*Article or passage will become more interesting and more informatics.

1. Lost writer’s own identity.
*Everyone have different writing style or handwriting. Word processor has let the reader difficult to identify the characteristic of writer.
2. Lack of idea.
*The idea can be stuck while typing.
3. Requires saving.
*All the information will save in the memory of computer as a soft copy. Therefore the writer requires keep saving to prevent data lost.

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