22 March 2009

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E-Learning and M-Learning

The individuals who born in 1946-1964 are call baby boomers of technology and the individuals who born in 1965-1980 are named as generation X. According to the survey, generation X are more use to technology than the baby boomers. This is because the learning which use for the generation nowadays is more depends on digital technology. Comparing with the ways of learning for the previous time which involved a lot of reading and writing, E-learning is more fast and convenient.

From Handbook of Emerging Technologies for language, we can obtain many sources of information through the Internet. Due to the greatest collection of information online, students have to make coherent with the information they found. This can cultivate the students to have critical thinking which is very important on their academic. Moreover, the visual aid such as video which use in learning has became a vision for students today. This method can leave a clearer image to a student while learning.

For example, twitter and facebook have engaged the young generation about what is happening in the world. Today’s students has named as Generation Y. According to the statistics, 97% of them own a computer, 94% of them own a cell phone and 76% of them use Instant Messaging. This can reflect how the digital world can influence the life of generation Y. Therefore the learning system has transformed from push to pull which involve their contribution and participation.

As a result, some of the politicians have used this method to build up the relationship with the public. For instance, Obama use the social networking such as blog and websites to post his plan and view on the topics. The politician in Malaysia such as Dr Mahathir also creates a blog to show his concern and passion to the country.

Reducing Writing Apprehension through Blogging Activities

Writing apprehension is a negative attitudes and perceptions on writing. Someone who has writing apprehension may feel anxiety, fear and worry while writing. They scare will receive bad comments from other. Symptoms of writing apprehension are scared to write, hands cramp, mental blocking problems and produce shorter essay.

In fact, there are some factors which lead to this problem. Firstly is proficiency of language level. The lower proficiency of language will cause the higher of writing apprehension. This is because the writer may feel humble and not confident while writing because of their low proficiency of language level. Second is culture-face savings. The students will avoid from the teachers because they scare receive the comments from them. Apart from that, examination is also one of the factors. Examination which always emphasize on the academic learning can cause the students feel tension and stress. Lastly, lack of models can cause the students do not have any idea or concept on writing.

Thus how can we say blogging can help the students in writing? Face-saving of blogging which do not reveal the personality of someone can make the writer feel more comfortable and confident while writing. This method can increase the involvement for the passive students. Besides, huge audience online such as friends and other blogger can boost up the confidence and motivational of writer which can improve their writing performance. Through blogging, students will be centered. Brainstorming and peer review activities also will be promoted.

In conclusion, teachers play an important role to guide the students into the right track and help them to solve the writing apprehension.

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Baby boomers -my generation
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