29 March 2009

Save Our Earth!!!

In the early morning, while everybody still enjoying their dreams on the bed, i had woke up to attend the recycling campaign.Although we have to go and collect the recycle materials unit by unit but this is really a fun and enjoyable experience. During the earth hour yesterday, did everyone aware something from that? or just blame the school or government who cut off your electricity.Everything come too easy until the public do not know how to appreciate all the things you have in your life.Therefore,in the progress of development, every people should hold on their step and look at the environment which surrounding you. You can notice that the number of tree are decreased, the water in the river is not clean anymore and even the human are become weaker. Therefore,everyone should do their part to the environment although is only just a small contribution.


norizan said...

Glad that you appreciate and part of the earth hour supporters. Had candle lit dinner that night to save energy and felt good and will try to do it again once a month. However I will cook next time so that i will be able to save cash as well.

Ying ^^ said...

Wa~so nice!Sometimes i think the situation when lighting the candle also can get close to each other too.So i think Datin can do this more often.:P