13 March 2009

3 posting-About search engine

Search engine is a program that can search for Web sites, Web pages, images, videos, news, and other information. A search engine is particularly helpful in locating specific Web pages about certain topics or in locating files into specific categories. In this posting, I will discuss four examples of search engine which are mamma.com, google scholar, eric digest and yahoo.com. There are some similarities and differences between these search engines.

One of the similarities is all the results of searching are in electronic text form. The four examples I given above have to access to the Internet before get the information. This is the result of the development of the technology. Besides, the individuals require identify the main idea or concept of the topic. This is because there are enormous of Web pages in the network so the main idea should be indentified to save the time and energy.

Apart from that, the individuals have to determine any synonyms, alternate spellings, or variant word forms for the topic about the information they want to seek in the search text. This technique is to ensure the efficiency of the search engines by crafting a keyword that limits the search. Thereby the individuals can gain the information or description about the topic they desire. Lastly, all the search engines above use a program called spider which can build and maintain lists of words found on the Web sites. Therefore we can use the information which stored in the memory next time.

Yet, in fact, there are some differences between the four search engines.

Firstly, the information in mamma.com, google scholar and eric digest is more on academic. These three Web pages are plays an important and useful role in the education field. Students or teachers can make useful on the information provided online to ensure the learning or teaching process become more interesting and active. But yahoo.com is a portal Web site that offers a variety of Internet services from a single and convenient location. It does not only specify on the academic information but also on news, sports, weather, web publishing and reference tools.

Then, for the yahoo.com and mamma.com, they classified Web pages in an organized set of categories such as images, video, jobs, news and so on. This can make the searching task become more easy and efficient. Besides, classification will create a neatly look for the Web pages. But for the google scholar and eric digest, the Web pages only provide the search text. Some of the searcher do not have any idea for their searching then this method will cause them face some difficulty while seeking the information. Comparing with the yahoo.com and mamma.com, the method they used can help the beginner to use the search engines.

In conclusion, everyone should make useful on the search engines to enjoy the beneficial and advantages for the online searching.


norizan said...

Hopefully now you will also use other search engines and also online databases such as ebschohost, lisa net and dissertation online

Ying ^^ said...

Yes,i really made useful on those search engines after the tutorial class.I even recommended to my friends too!