08 March 2009

2 posting-How blogging can assist language learners?

In this technology era, blogging has become a popular interaction way for anyone no matter the individual is student, businessman or even though the politician. Due to this great influence, some of the schools and universities have applied this method as one of the teaching way in educational field. According to the investigation, it has been proven that blogging is one of a good way to improve and enhance the writing skill of an individual.

Through the blogging, the students can improve their language such as grammar, vocabulary and writing skills in an active way. In fact, comparing with the homework in the school, the students will be more proactive to update their blog. This is because other blogger and friends can post comments after their reading. Then the students have to analyze the advices from other and think about a constructive way to improve their writing skill. As a result, this can cultivate the students to be more critical in thinking. Besides, two way of interaction can create more ideas for someone rather than one way interaction. So, blogging definitely is a good way for learning on writing.

At the same time, blogging can enhance the writing skill for someone. But how does the blogging works? In fact, there are numerous focus topics on blog. For example, economy, news, politic and global issue which let someone can be more alert to their surroundings. Through the reading on blogs, someone can gain a lot of general knowledge on many aspects. As a consequence, this can upgrade someone’s writing skill become more standard. Besides, the writing can become more informative because there are a lot of facts and information inside the article. To sum up, blogging is an effective way to obtain the information at the same time make someone’s writing become more interesting.

I enjoy reading the blogs from bart-cat-travel.blogspot.com. Bart is an individual who likes travel. I was enjoyed reading his blog because there are a lot of pictures about his trip in Latin America. Apart from that, he also shares his experiences on different places which i found is the most interesting part. This is because i can know better to the culture of certain place. In his blog, he even analyze the crisis of the economy which can improve my general knowledge instead. Thus i think this is really an interesting blog that everyone should pay a visit.



norizan said...

Ok then and only time will tell whether you will continue blogging or not. I really hope that blogging will become a way of life to many of my students. Only the truth nothing but the truth ok. check first before posting and remember the netiquette.

Ying ^^ said...

I think i will continue blogging because some of my friends who are living at the other places really interested to my life in ukm.So i hope can use blogging to introduce ukm to them as well.