27 March 2009

5 posting-Concordance

Concordance is a useful software which can help the individuals to identify, organize and analyze the electronic text such as e-mail and e-document. It is effective to manage numerous types of documents. This kind of text analysis is suitable and helpful for the individuals who study the texts closely and analyze the language in depth. As a result, it can bring a lot of benefits to the learner and teachers on the language learning.

According to my exploration of this software, I found out concordance actually can bring lot of advantages on the language learning. It can use to analyze the word frequencies and the keywords of a text. The higher frequencies of word let the readers easier to identify the topic of a text. Besides analyzing keywords can make the readers have a clearer image on the whole idea of a text. Both of them can increase the understanding and awareness of the reader to a text. Concordance also can use to compare the different usages of the same word. For example, the word “walk” in a text may use as a noun or verb in another sentence. Sometimes the language learners also use the concordance to find and analyze the phrases or idioms in a text. They will study the rules of the language by looking into the phrases or idioms which used in the text. This method is really constructive for the learners who are in tertiary level. Lastly, the language learners also can use concordance to find the translations of sub sentential elements. It can increase the awareness of the learners on the language structure and function. To sum up, concordance is really functional to the language learners.

Apart from that, concordance also plays an important role to the language teachers. Teachers can use the concordance to find some examples for the students. The examples should show the features of vocabulary, typical collocations and structures of the sentences. This active learning will cause the students easily absorb the knowledge and they would not feel that learning language is a boring or difficult task anymore. The teachers also can use the concordance to increase the storage of vocabulary for the students. The teachers can discover new words and explain to them the usage of the words through the concordance. This activity is relying on the level of the students on the language. At the same time, teachers can work out the rules of grammar by searching for the key words. Then the teachers can build up the discussion groups among the students and encourage them to ask question through their observation. Lastly the teachers can generate some exercise to the students so that they have chance to point out their problems and opinion.

In conclusion, as we can see, concordance is really helpful to the language learner and also language teachers. Therefore both of them should work and learn from it.

URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concordance_(publishing)


norizan said...

You need to provide some articles related to concordance and summarize them. Please read more and trust me concordance will be useful for you when you are in third year

Ying ^^ said...

Actually i did read some articles but the articles are too long.That is the reason why i did not upload the articles.But i did put the URL for the articles so Datin can read the articles as well through the URL i have provided.